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All students wishing to request accommodations must identify themselves as a student with a disability and make an official request for accommodations. If you are a student with a documented disability and wish to request accommodations at BSCTC, please contact:

Leslie M. Bailey
Prestonsburg Campus, Student Center, Room 103
(606) 886-7391 

Students must qualify for accommodations by providing documentation of a disability according to specific documentation guidelines. You may goto Documentation Guide for Requesting Accommodations to learn more about these guidelines, or to print a copy to assist practitioners with providing the specific documentation the student may need to be eligible for accommodations.

Please do not request accommodations from your instructors. Contact information for persons assigned to assist students with disabilities on each of the campuses of BSCTC is listed at the bottom of this page.

Should you require assistance during an emergency evacuation, but don't wish to request accommodations, please notify Randell Haney with Safety & Security.

Randell Haney
Mayo Campus, D 107 
(606) 788-2817

Contact Information

Prestonsburg Campus
(Mayo & Hager Hill by Appointment)

Leslie M. Bays
Prestonsburg Campus, Student Center, Room 103 
(606) 886-7391 

Pikeville campus

Elizabeth Cole
Pikeville Campus,Room N105J
(606) 218-1215 ext. 81215