Activities & Organizations

There are many student groups at BSCTC. These groups range from extracurricular activity groups to honor societies. BSCTC Clubs and Organizations must follow guidelines outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and comply with KCTCS Business Procedures.

Any student organization which wishes to use BSCTC facilities or to solicit thereon must be registered through the office of student activities.

Student Clubs and Organizations

The Baptist Campus Ministry is a non- denominational, voluntary, and student-led organization that meets weekly through the Fall and Spring semesters. Meetings may include a short devotional fellowship, bible study, and reports from BSU member club activities. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome.

For more information, you may contact:

Jenifer Biddle

What Can the Club Do For You?

    • Promotes health and wellness.
    • Promotes a greater sense of self confidence.
    • Live in greater connection with your body.
    • Provides a group of likeminded individuals who will encourage you to succeed.
    • Fun learning environment.
    • Meet new people.
    • Practice the art of Shaolin-Do
    • Events Karate Competitions, Barbeques, and club fund raisers.
    • Learn self-defense.
    • Learn weaponry.
    • Prepare for the zombie apocalypse (Just Kidding)

Meeting Times and Locations Posted Weekly on Campus


Charles Moore
Room -N305
Phone: 606-218-1244

Melissa Ramsey
Phone: 606-218-1240


About & Mission Statement

The Multicultural Student Organization (MSO) is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of culture and diversity within a world of disappearing borders by engaging students in activities which embrace various cultural aspects of the student population, the community, and the world. The MSO encourages educational awareness among all people, not only by encouraging students to learn about cultural aspects of other people they may encounter, but also by encouraging students to embrace and share their own cultures.

The MSO attempts to provide information about available assistance for international students, supports foreign study for domestic students, acts as a liaison between the campus administration faculty and students: promotes programs and communication forums which bring social awareness to cultural similarities and differences among people: encourages the incorporation of multicultural issues and history within our educational system: and sponsors culturally based entertainment and events to bring the world to Big Sandy students in the eastern Kentucky region.

MSO also has a Regional and Cultural Diversity Center resource center in the student center 106. We welcome you to join us in the Regional and Cultural Diversity Center; there are computers for your use. Please remember to sign in when using the Regional and Cultural Diversity Center

Meeting Times & Places

MSO has bimonthly meetings the 2nd & 4th Wednesday in Student Center 110 beginning at 2:00p.m.


  • President- Adrian Hedstrom
  • Vice President- Stephen Roberts
  • Treasurer/Secretary- Christine Taul
  • Sergeant-at-Arms- Vacant
  • Public Relations- Vacant


Tina Terry - Advisor
Director of Cultural Diversity
Student Center, Room 204
886-7374 or ext. 67374
Fax: 606-886-2110

Jennifer Little - Co advisor
PR & Marketing Assistant
(606) 889-4736

The Christian Student Union (CSU) is a non-denominational organization that meets twice a month on the Pikeville and Mayo Campuses of BSCTC. All students, faculty and staff are welcome.

For more information, contact:

Charles Moore
(606) 218-1244,

Stephania Conn
(606) 218-1243

The Criminal Justice Club is composed of criminal justice students whose main goal is service to their fellow students. The club is service oriented and has regular fundraisers to raise money for an annual college scholarship for a deserving criminal justice student.

The amount of the scholarship is $ 1,000.00 and the criteria demonstrates financial need and academic program.

For more Information, contact:

Les Varney
(606) 886-3863

Academic Organizations

Kentucky Association of Nursing Students is a pre-professional organization for pre-nursing and nursing students enrolled in Kentucky accredited diploma, associate, and baccalaureate degree programs. KANS is a constituent member of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).


President - Tonya Shepherd


Teddie Ratliff
(606) 889-4741

Alpha Nu Zeta Chapter

Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society for two-year colleges. To become a member, a student must maintain a 3.5 grade point average and complete a minimum of twelve hours in associates degree course work. There are many benefits of becoming a member, including a chance to help people in your college and communiy, as well as exclusive scholarship opportunities. Contact one of our officers or our chapter advisors for more information on the Alpha Nu Zeta Chapter at Big Sandy Community and Technical College.


Contact Information

Dr. Kathryn Miller
Pikeville Campus, N309
(606) 218-1259 Office Ext: 81259

Diana Pack
Mayo Campus, F 200/202 
(606) 788-2856 Office Ext.: 82856

Mark Wells
Mayo Campus, F 212/213/216
(606) 788-2830


Mission Statement

Philosophy ClubThe Philosophy Club seeks to provide a comfortable, informal environment in which philosophy students and fans can discuss big ideas without getting funny looks.

Why Join?

  • Because you love talking about, thinking of, and being around philosophy
  • Because you have great ideas but do not feel comfortable expressing them in front of a classroom.
  • Because you want to meet peers who can challenge you intellectually and still be fun.
  • Because you would like to impress others


Alan David Profitt, D.Min.
Assoc. Professor Philosophy & Religious Studies
Chair, KCTCS Religious Studies Committee
Big Sandy Community and Technical College

The purpose of the student government is to provide a channel of communication whereby students can express themselves and make their views known to fellow students, faculty, and administration. The student government assists in sponsoring and regulating student activities and encourages the active participation of students in these activities.

It is concerned with student involvement in all aspects of college life along with an appreciation of the privileges and responsibilities of being a college student. Members of the student government are elected representatives of the student body.

Big Sandy Community & Technical College Student Government Association members for 2016-2017:


Ladonna Griffey

Ladonna Griffey


Adam Cole

Adam Cole


Alison Porter

Malinda "Alison" Porter



Leslie Bays

No additional information at this time. Check back soon!


Eligible organizations must have a focus on, or include these categories:

  • Honor, Leadership, Recognition Societies, Divisional Organization & Professional Fraternities;
  • Political Organizations; Governmental Organizations, Specialty Organizations (religious, athletic, military, etc.);
  • Social Sororities and Fraternities.


Membership is limited to students, faculty and staff of BSCTC, except Honor, Leadership and Recognition Societies, which include other persons as provided by their national constitutions.
Every organization shall have a college advisor.

Application Process

  1. Submit petition by person or(s) desiring registration.
  2. Provide a copy of the constitution or policy and procedures.
  3. Provide a statement of non discrimination ( EEOC statement)
  4. Complete the Application for Registration of Student Organization

Approval Process

  1. The Office of Student Activities or designee will review all documents submitted.
  2. The Student Government Association of BSCTC will also review all documents and vote for approval of the group.
  3. The Office of Student Activities or designee will submit a correspondence of approval accompanied by the Business Procedures Manual and KCTCS Code of Student Conduct.
  4. The Office of Student Activities and advisor(s) will attend the organizational meeting of the group to review applicable Business Procedures Manual.