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Process for Obtaining Accommodations

The process for requesting accommodations is provided in steps below on how to obtain disability accommodations at any point.

Step 1: A student self-identifies as a person with a disability.

Step 2: The appropriate documentation is provided that a disability exists.

Step 3: A student identifies a need for accommodations.

Step 4: A student assesses the physical and instructional environments.

Step 5: A student identifies specific accommodations that are needed.

Step 6: The institution is informed of needed physical accommodations.

Step 7a: Instructors are informed of a student's documented disability and of the specific accommodations needed.

Step 7b: The responsible agent is informed of needed physical accommodations.

Step 8a: Accommodations are provided by instruction or individual instructors.

Step 8b: Physical accommodations are provided by the institution.

Step 9: On-going evaluation of accommodations by student.

If accommodations are not successful, reconsider and return to steps 3 through 7.

If the student chooses not to self-identify.

BSCTC is not obligated to provide accommodations unless officially requested by students who meet the legal definition of disability and who provide documentation of a significant functional limitation. Students must identify themselves as having a disability, provide adequate documentation, and make an official request for accommodations with the Office of Disability Support Services to be considered eligible to receive accommodations at BSCTC.