Adding & Dropping Classes | BSCTC

Adding & Dropping Classes

Drop/Add Process

Students may Add/Drop a class before the semester begins and during the first week of classes by using their PeopleSoft Student Account.

Dropping/Adding a Class

To drop/add a class the student can use their Student Self-Service Account.

Withdrawal Policy

To withdraw from a course or completely from BSCTC the student must complete the appropriate process as outlined below. The student will be held accountable for any financial delinquencies if the proper procedure is not followed. Please reference the Academic Calendar for specific processing deadlines.

Dropping a Class or Withdrawing Completely

If you need to drop a course or withdraw completely from the college, it is your responsibility to do so via an official transaction with the Admissions & Records Office. Failure to officially withdraw will result in academic difficulties. The student will be held responsible for any and all financial delinquencies which result from failure to complete the withdrawal process.

Student must complete a Drop/Add or Withdrawal Form and submit the completed document with all necessary signatures to the Admissions & Records Office.

Withdrawing before midterm does not require instructors consent. Please reference the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

If You Cannot Withdrawal In-Person Follow This Process


Please follow the tutorial in the Big Sandy Go KCTCS! Student Center to drop a class via the student homepage.