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Policies & Procedures


The KCTCS Student Code of Conduct is available here.

(Referenced in the Rules of the Community College Senate, Section VII and in the Rules of the Technical College Senate, Section VII).

The following information is available on the BSCTC Homepage: www.Bigsandy.kctcs.edu go to Current Students and under Right to Know click on Student Code of Conduct. Paper copies of all the documents listed under Right to Know are also available upon request at the Admissions Office or Library on the Mayo, Pikeville and Prestonsburg Campuses. 

2.1 Academic Honesty Policy

2.2 Academic Rights of Students

2.2.1 Information about course content

2.2.2 Information about course grading criteria

2.2.3 Contrary opinion

2.2.4 Academic evaluation

2.2.5 Academic records

2.2.6 Evaluation of student character and ability

2.3 Student Academic Offenses and Academic Sanctions

2.3.1 KCTCS Academic Offenses Plagiarism Cheating Student Co-Responsibility Misuse or Student Falsification of Academic Records

2.3.2 Academic Sanctions/Penalties of Students Other Academic Sanctions

2.4 Student Appeals and Responsibilities

2.4.1 Student Responsibilities Responsibility Involving Academic Rights of Students (section 2.0)

Please refer to flowchart: Appeals in Cases of an Alleged Violation of Student Academic Rights Figure 1) Responsibility Involving Academic Offenses (section 2.3) When a student is believed to be guilty of any of the four academic offenses (, a student will find information concerning responsibilities of college personnel in section 2.5.2. 


3.1 General Regulations Concerning Student Behavior

3.2 Disciplinary Offenses

3.3 Penalties and Sanctions

3.4 Enforcement

3.5 The Procedures

3.5.1 The Role of the Chief Executive Officer in Student Disciplinary Matters

3.5.2 The College Judicial Board Authority Composition Eligibility Requirements The Appointment Process Terms of Office Absence Temporary Appointments to the Judicial Board

3.5.3 The College Appeals Board Jurisdiction on Cases of Disciplinary Offenses Disposition of cases of Disciplinary Offenses Composition of the College Appeals Board Authority of the KCTCS Board of Regents in Cases Involving Suspension or Expulsion of a Student

3.6 Temporary Sanctions

Campus Security

Campus Safety 

Learn more about our safety and security initiatives:

KCTCS Safety Notification Alert Process (SNAP)


  • Minutes Matter Get SNAP Messages Quickly by E-mail, Text or Call
  • SNAP is the official Safety Notification Alert Process for the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS). SNAP alerts users to on-campus emergencies and college closings or delays for all 16 KCTCS colleges and the System office.

Tutoring & Academic Assistance

The Big Sandy Academic Center for Excellence offers students academic assistance in all subject areas.

Campus Locations

  • Prestonsburg Campus: Library, Magoffin Building, (606) 886-7392
  • Pikeville Campus: N109 (606)-218-1201

  • Mayo Campus: A105 (606) 788-2864

Student Right to Know

Student Right To Know

Additional Information Available at the Current Student Portal

Current Students


 Academic Programs and Classes

Student Resources

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)Statement


Students with disabilities: If you are in need of an accommodation because of a documented disability, you are required to register with Disability Support Services each semester.


Leslie M. Bays
Coordinator for Disability Support Services
Student Center Room 103
Phone: (606) 886-7391; Toll-free 888-641-4132, ext. 67391;
Email: leslie.bays@kctcs.edu

Diversity Statement:

Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) is committed to access, diversity, equal opportunities, and inclusive excellence for all people, especially underrepresented and low-income individuals. BSCTC is determined to provide a learning environment where the students can learn and all members of the campus community can make a creative contribution to the campus.

BSCTC fosters an inclusive excellence environment in which civility, dignity, diversity, inclusiveness, and social justice of all individuals are respected. This practice, in turn, enriches the quality of life of all members of the campus community. Email concerns to Tina Terry @ tterry0025@kctcs.edu or call (606) 886-7374.