Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course | BSCTC

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

If you decide the dual credit course you signed up for is not right for you, you can drop it by the college drop date (about one week into the semester) without incurring any repayment or grade penalties.

If you withdraw from a course after the college drop date, you are still responsible for tuition and fees, and you’ll receive a "W" on your college and high school transcripts. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Check the dates on the college calendar for withdrawal deadlines. To withdraw from a course, you’ll need to submit a completed withdrawal form before or on the college’s published withdrawal deadline. Courses with alternate start dates may have different withdrawal dates published in the course syllabus or at the Admissions/Registrar Office.
  • If you withdraw from two or more courses in a session or semester, you will have to meet with the college’s Chief Academic Officer or designee before enrolling for any subsequent session or semester.
  • Several W’s on your transcript can affect your eligibility for financial aid

For more information about dropping or withdrawing from a course, talk to your dual credit contact at your college.