The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) is Kentucky’s primary provider of workforce education, delivering programs and services that address the full spectrum of needs faced by corporations, industries and small businesses. In addition to offering a wide array of academic and technical programs aligned to workplace needs, KCTCS and its colleges provide customized training for businesses and industry to ensure our business partners can build and sustain their talent pipeline.

The centerpiece of KCTCS workforce and economic development efforts is the KCTCS-TRAINS program. Through this program, our college works with companies to provide training for their employees to develop high performance organization and help workers gain world-class, transferable skills in a timely manner.

KCTCS-TRAINS is a fund designated by the Kentucky General Assembly to help companies willing to invest in workforce development for their employees. These funds are administered by KCTCS and are available through KCTCS colleges. Available since 2020, companies who have not previously taken advantage of KCTCS TRAINS funding may be eligible for funding up to 75% for a period up to 6 months and a total project cost up to $150,000.

New Hire Training

Employers are strategically utilizing KCTCS TRAINS funding as a pre-hour initiative to enhance workforce skills and productivity. Under this program, employers work with the college to develop training that ensures the skills acquired are directly relevant to their industry needs. A key commitment of this initiative is that employers must offer to hire at least 50% of those who successfully complete the training, creating a direct pipeline from education to employment. This approach addresses skill gaps, fosters stronger employer-employee relationships, and contributes to economic growth by ensuring a skilled and capable workforce. 

Eligibility and Contact

Our Workforce Solutions staff will work with you to determine your eligibility, complete the application and paperwork, and develop training networks.

For more information call 606-889-4979 or e-mail us at bs-workforce@kctcs.edu