Selective Admission Criteria | BSCTC

Selective Admission Criteria

The nursing program is a selective admission program. We use the following criteria when selecting students. There are a total of 100 points possible.

State Registered Nurse Aid

All applicants must provide proof of current registry on the State Registered Nurse Aide Registry. 

State Registered Nurse Aid: Work Experience

(Points Possible: 10)

All applicants, who provide proof of 6 month’s experience as a practicing CNA within the last 3 years, earn 10 points.

National Composite ACT

(Points Possible: 36)

ACT Composite Score equals points earned from 17-36. An ACT composite score of 17 or above is required for admission. There is no automatic admission provision based on ACT Score.

Required Courses

(Points Possible: 15)

One point is awarded for each of these courses completed with a grade of C or better and an additional 2 points for each BSCTC course with a grade of C or better. If courses are repeated for a grade of less than C, the student will NOT receive points for the course.  

Point Courses

  • BIO 137
  • BIO 139
  • BIO 225 or BIO 227
  • Quantitative Reasoning**
  • PSY 110

(** Note: Quantitative Reasoning Course that meets AS, AA, or AFA level.)

Cumulative GPA

(Points Possible: 4)

Points will be equal to GPA. A GPA of less than 3.0 is worth no points. Points will equal KCTCS GPA only.


(Points Possible: 5)

All applicants who provide proof of an unencumbered, current state license as a licensed paramedic in the state of Kentucky and who provide proof on one year’s experience as a practicing paramedic within the last 3 years, earn 5 points.

Pre-Admission Nursing Exam (TEAS)

(Points Possible: 30)


Total Program Score Points Awarded
88 or Higher 30
84 - 87 27
80 - 83 24
76 - 79 21
72 - 75 18
68 - 71 15
64 - 67 12
60 - 63 9
56 - 59 6
52 - 55 3

(The National Average Score is 64.3)

Refer to the Pre-Admission Exam (TEAS) page for additional information.