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Dual Credit Calendar

Master Dual Credit Calendar 2022-2023

Item Fall Spring Summer **
Signed MOA for 22-23 school year due March 1 N/A N/A
KCTCS priority registration opens* March 1 October 1 March 1
KCTCS application/enrollment deadline Varies by college Varies by college Varies by college
Start of high school semester August (varies) January (varies) June (varies)
Start of KCTCS semester* Week of August 15 Week of January 9 Week of May 15
Last day for KCTCS students to add/drop a course 4 days after first day 4 days after first day 4 days after first day
ACT/CTE student registration for technical courses September (varies) January & February  Not offered at most schools
KHEAA high school submission deadline for scholarship eligibility September 15  February 1  N/A
Last day for KCTCS students to withdraw from class and receive a W* Varies by college Varies by college Varies by college
Student KHEAA preference deadline October 1 March 1 N/A
Pre-orientation for eligible HS students with dual credit faculty October 15 March 15 N/A
KCTCS submits first enrollment file to KHEAA (please report changes prior) October 20 March 9 N/A
KCTCS sends first e-bill to dual credit students for the current semester (if no scholarship information is on record) October 21 March 10 First Friday after student registers for course/s
Last day to add dual credit course for the semester October 30 March 28 August 13
Dual credit enrollment at high schools for the following semester October-November (varies) April -
Dual credit data due for KCTCS Official Snapshot to CPE November 1 March 30 August 15
Last day fo KCTCS semester Week of December 2 Week of April 30 Week of July 30
Grades due to KCTCS December 16 May 12 August 13
Grades due to KHEAA for Dual Credit Scholarship December 23 May 20 August 15
KCTCS returns 50% of funds to KHEAA for scholarship students who did not successfully complete their course  March 1 June 30 N/A

*Students enrolled in courses delivered at the college or online must follow KCTCS deadlines. Deadlines for courses taken at the high school may vary. 

**Dual credit is not available at all colleges for the summer term.