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Exam Proctoring

Proctored exams require students to take an examination in a controlled location under the supervision of a proctor who monitors students during the exam period. A proctored exam permits instructors to limit student access to certain materials such as books, notes, and the Internet and to verify the identity of the individual taking the exam.

  1. Exams are proctored by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance.

  2. Contact the Testing Center
  3. Students need to provide the Testing Center with:
    1. Instructor's Name
    2. Course Name
    3. Day and Time they Wish to Schedule

  4. It is the students responsibility to notify the instructor that a test has been scheduled at BSCTC.

  5. Upon arriving at the proctor site, students must present a government-issued or KCTCS College picture ID. Students without the proper picture ID will not be permitted to take the exam.

  6. Inform the Testing Center in advance of any changes that might affect your scheduled testing time and date.

  7. Adhere to BSCTC Testing Centers rules and procedures. For example: Children and cell phones are not allowed in the Testing Centers.

  8. There are no costs associated with proctoring.