Clayton Case is director of Fine Arts at Big Sandy Community and Technical College.  He oversees the Big Sandy Singers and Band and the Big Sandy Idol competition. Clayton Case is the director of Fine Arts at Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC). He is perhaps best known for coordinating the Big Sandy Idol Competitions in area high schools which culminate in a regional competition of high school winners at the Mountain Arts Center in the spring of each year.

Case joined the college in August 2006. He has both an associate of arts and an associate of applied science from BSCTC and is currently pursuing a bachelors degree through Morehead State University. Case has been studying Central American history and geography at Morehead State University over the past year. Since January 2008, he has led multiple social justice and evangelical mission trips to Central America. In 2009, Case founded a non-profit organization that provides educational scholarships, builds homes, and provides food and safe drinking water to the people of Honduras in Central America.

Cases topic on the BSCTC Speakers Bureau website is:
Living in Central America: During this presentation audience members will get a good idea as to the life and challenges of living in rural areas of Central America. The speaker will discuss some history of Central America and how it came to be organized.

The presentation will consist of a variety of information and issues including social injustice, economic, education, health, etc. The speaker will also have photos, videos, and cultural items from the Central American country of Honduras. Since 2008 the speaker has been working in the country of Honduras to provide safe homes, safe drinking water, educational scholarships, and much more.

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