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Nixon 100

During the years 1969-1974 society had many great changes. Man landed on the moon, Vietnam War, Woodstock, Beetles broke up, floppy disks invented, VCR was invented, terrorist attack Olympic Games, Sears Tower was built. These things and many more were done while one man from a poverty stricken family reigned as leader of the free world.

We invite you to a day of commemoration in honor of the late President Richard Nixon. January will mark what would be the 100th birthday of Richard Nixon. Nixon who served as President of the United States of America from 1969-1974 is the only President to resign from office amid controversy. In an attempt to recognize the many things that happened in society during this time, Big Sandy Community and Technical College has setup a day of activities covering topics from Watergate to the Civil Rights. The days events will capstone with a concert affectionately named Woodstock in Prestonsburg. Please plan on joining us.

More information, and complete schedule, is available on the event page.