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EKSC Annual Gala Benefit

The East Kentucky Science Center and Planetarium (EKSC) and Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) hosted its Annual Gala Benefit, Saturday June 8, 2013.

The EKSC Employees in front of Iron MeteoriteSteve Russo, EKSC director opened the ceremony with a delightful welcome. Russo spoke about the history of the Center and the educational opportunities available to school systems, communities and the public at-large. Russo commented, "Since studies show that most science education for children and adults is being done by informal learning in places such as science centers, planetariums and museums, The East Kentucky Science Center and Planetarium plays an important role in science education in our communities." BSCTC president and CEO, Dr. George Edwards added a heartfelt welcome and encouraged guest to enjoy the event. The EKSC and Planetarium is the only one affiliated with a KCTCS college campus.

Russo recognized numerous benefactors and faithful supporters of the Center. These included, John Rosenberg, Tom Vierheller and Frank Fitzpatrick--founding Advisory Board members, and Big Sandy Community and Technical College. Russo also recognized the staff of the Science Center: Pauletta Burke, Heather Wheeler and Terri King.

Live Band at GalaGuest enjoyed an array of food and desserts catered by Pam Walker, 'made from scratch' while the trio, Haley Sullivan, Josh Shepherd and Susan Scott provided a variety of beautiful musical selections.

The event encompassed a Planetarium Presentation entitled, 'To Space and Back' which alluded to the infinite age of exploration and the expansion of satellites in space. Additionally, the informative Presentation explored the Space Station and how the world utilizes technology that was invented for spaceflight, but is used in our everyday lives here on Earth. A Silent Auction followed the Planetarium Presentation which included numerous items.