The Kentucky SkillsUSA Northeast District 11 competition was held on Friday, March 20, on the Mayo campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC).

Students from area technology centers across Floyd, Johnson, Magoffin, Martin and Pike counties competed for a chance to participate in the SkillsUSA State Competition April 22-25 in Louisville.

Dr. Charles V. Chrestman, interim president and CEO of BSCTC, said the college is proud to support organizations such as SkillsUSA.

SkillsUSA provides students the opportunity to showcase their respective skills in a competitive atmosphere, said Dr. Chrestman. The students that encompass the Big Sandy service region are among the best and brightest in Kentucky and across the nation.

Below are the results of the competition:

Community Service
First place: Jacob Dutton, Bracken Fairchild and Joshua Spence (Johnson Central).

Construction Tool Identification
First place: Andrew Tackett (Martin County ATC); second place: Jacob Skaggs (Martin County ATC); and third place: Austin Jarvis (Martin County ATC).

First place: Kathyrn Branham, Rachel Branham, Gregory OBryan and Dalton Oney (Johnson Central).

Extemporaneous Writing
First place: Kate Sowards (Johnson Central).

Job Demo A
First place: Chase Muncy (Martin County ATC); and second place: Jay Howard (Magoffin County ATC).

Job Interview
First place: Latisha Waddles (Prestonsburg).

Photo Display
First place: Katelyn Austin (Belfry ATC).

First place: Christopher Muncy (Martin County ATC).

Prepared Speech
First place: Brent Maynard (Martin County ATC).

Promotional Bulletin Board
First place: Alexus McKayla Jude, Cody Jude and Zack Cook (Martin County ATC).

Quiz Bowl
First place: Lauren Endicott, Michael Hamilton, Katie McMahon, Tyler Ratliff and Alec Salyer (Johnson Central).

Related Technical Math
First place: Alexus McKayla Jude (Martin County ATC); second place: Camilee Sparkman (Floyd County ATC); and third place Danielle Thornsbury (Floyd County ATC).

First place: Miranda Garrett (Floyd County ATC).

T-Shirt Design
First place: Briana Hurteau (Floyd County ATC).

Welding Sculpture
First place: Tyler Taylor (Belfry ATC); and second place: Jimmy Caudill (Magoffin County ATC).

Wood Sculpture
First place: Olivia Thacker (Belfry ATC); and second place: Donathan Jude (Martin County ATC).

Auto Tech
First place: Nick Reed (Floyd County ATC); second place: Cain Logan Hall (Floyd County TAC); and third place Austin Hatfield (Martin County TAC).

Broadcast News Production
First place: Reiley Crum, Connor Murray, Clay Smith and Daniel Williams (Johnson Central); and second place: Jacob Chaney, Grant Burkett, Cari Hall and Lauren McCoart (Johnson Central).

Carpentry I
First place: Douglas Lankford (Floyd County ATC); second place: Chase Carroll (Belfry ATC); and third place: Colby Marrow (Floyd County ATC).

Carpentry II
First place: William Maynard (Belfry ATC); second place: Cody Jude (Martin County ATC); and third place: Dillion Fluty (Martin County ATC).

Computer Maintenance Technology
First place: Jacob Dutton (Johnson Central); second place: Bracken Fairchild (Johnson Central); and third place: Joshua Spence (Johnson Central).

Computer Programming
First place: Ethan Williams (Johnson Central) and second place: William Parsons (Johnson Central).

Culinary Arts
Makayla Silcox (Johnson Central) and second place: Michael Kimbler (Johnson Central).

Diesel Technology
First place: Todd Sesco (Belfry ATC) and Tyler Bishop (Belfry ATC).

Electrical Construction Wiring
First place: Joshua Coleman (Belfry ATC); second place: Isaac Watson (Magoffin County ATC); and third place: Greg Williams (Magoffin County ATC).

Engineering Technology and Design
First place: Jonathan Jewell, Mason Ritz and Zac Wright (Johnson Central).

Industrial Motor Controls
First place: Cody Kirk (Martin County ATC); second place: Montis Scott (Belfry ATC); and third place: Devan Bowman (Belfry ATC).

Mobile Robotics
First place: Josh Webb and Brooke Hall (Johnson Central); and second place: Jake Halsey and Matt OBryan (Johnson Central).

First place: Kurstin Wooten (Johnson Central).

Precision Machining Technology
First place: Samuel Runyon (Belfry ATC) and Zachary Justice (Belfry ATC).

Principles of Engineering
First place: William Blazer and Nicholas Robinette (Johnson Central).

Technical Drafting
First place: Joshua Loredo (Johnson Central); and second place: Jacob Colvin (Johnson Central).

Television (Video) Production
First place: Matthew Adkins and Harrison Burchett (Johnson Central).

Web Design
First place: Tristan Hamilton and Anthony Branham (Floyd County ATC); second place: Andrew Goble and Nathan Compton (Floyd County ATC); and third place: Sahara LaForce and Thomas Nelson (Johnson Central).

Welding I
First place: Jacob Hall (Floyd County ATC); second place: Logan Collinsworth (Magoffin County ATC); and third place: Tyler McCarty (Magoffin County ATC).

Welding II
First place: Corey Justice (Belfry ATC); second place: Cody Cantrell (Magoffin County ATC); and third place: Trey Damron (Floyd County ATC).