Ali Pelphrey and Austin Lafferty, of the Floyd County Area Technology Center, finished third in Web Design during the SkillsUSA District 11 competition on Friday, February 28, on the Mayo campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College. Big Sandy Community and Technical College played host to the SkillsUSA Northeast Kentucky District 11 competition on Friday, February 28, on its Mayo campus.

Students from area technology centers from across the region participated in more than 40 events and winners will move on to the state SkillsUSA competition next month in Louisville.

Michael Jude, district coordinator for SkillsUSA Northeast District 11, said competition among students build leadership and confidence.

These students are leaders in their respective area technology centers and schools, said Jude. They compete locally for the right to advance to the district competition, and our winners will move on to represent our region in the state competition.

Big Sandy Community and Technical College has had a longstanding relationship with SkillsUSA.

Corey Fields, of Johnson Central High School, competed in the carpentry category at the SkillsUSA District 11 competition on Friday, February 28, on the Mayo campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College. The college and its faculty and staff work diligently to make sure we have what we need to put on a top-notch competition, Jude added.

Below is recap of the winners:

Advertising Design

First place Kurstin Wooten, Johnson Central.

Auto I

First place Brody Taylor, Millard; second place Nick Reed, Floyd County; third place Thomas Little Millard.

Automotive Service Technology

First place Tanner Johnson, Millard; Jeffrey Buck, Millard; third place Taylor Hackney, Millard.

Broadcast News

First place Connor Murry, Clay Smith, Reiley Crum and Daniel Williams, Johnson Central; second place Laurel Small, Nick McKenzie, Alex Castle and Jared Wheeler, Johnson Central.

Carpentry I

First place William Maynard, Belfry; second place Andrew Tackett, Martin County; third place Paul Mounts, Belfry.

Carpentry II

First place Justin Williamson, Belfry; second place Dustin Hall, Martin County; third place Darren Adams, Belfry.

Zach Staggs, of the Belfry Area Technology Center, competed in the Electrical Construction Wiring category at the SkillsUSA District 11 competition on Friday, February 28, on the Mayo campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College.Carpentry Teamworks

First place David Daniels, Hayden Hatfield, Zachary Lester and Richard Nelson, Belfry.

Computer Maintenance

First place Chase Keeton, Johnson Central; second place Adam Rowland, Johnson Central; third place Ethan Williams, Johnson Central.

Computer Programming

First place Cody Barker, Johnson Central; second place Aleister Trusty, Johnson Central.

Construction Tool Identification

First place Triston Staton, Martin County.


First place Alexus McKayla Jude, Martin County; second place Krystyn Dailey, Belfry.

Diesel Mechanics

First place Todd Sesco, Belfry; second place Tyler Varney, Belfry ATC; third place Shawn Adkins, Belfry.

Electrical Construction Wiring

First place Jordan Hunt, Belfry; second place William Rogers, Belfry; third place Joshua Coleman, Belfry.

Electronics Technology

First place Layla Wefenstette, Johnson Central.

Extemporaneous Speaking

First place Ashley Fitch, Martin County.

First Aid/CPR

First place Cory Pitts, Magoffin County.


First place Joseph Hackworth, Floyd County.

Industrial Motor Controls

First place Zachary Staggs, Belfry; second place Justin Stewart, Millard; third place Montis Scott, Belfry.


First place Jacob Dutton, Johnson Central.

Job Demo A

First place Jay Howard, Magoffin County; Cody Bailey, Magoffin County; third place Isaac Watson, Magoffin County.

Job Interview

First place Jacob Staggs, Belfry; second place Ashley Shannon, Belfry.


First place ShaBree Damron, Millard; second place Gregory Tackett, Millard.

Mobile Robotics Technology

James Brown and Sean Withers, Johnson Central; second place Jesse Thacker and Rebecca Webb, Belfry.

Photo Display

First place Terrionna Bentley, Belfry; second place Katelyn Austin, Belfry.

Pin Design

First place Olivia Thacker, Belfry; second place Alex Maynard, Belfry.


First place Amanda Workman, Belfry.


First place Janice Maynard, Martin County; second place Nathan Mollette, Martin County.

Precision Machining

First place Samuel Runyon, Belfry

Promotional Bulletin Board

First place Jamilyn Hall and Julia Crum, Martin County; second place Evan McCoy and Cameron Harmon, Martin County.

Quiz Bowl

First place Trevor Blevins, Michael Hamilton, Katie McMahan, Alec Salyer and Yasmine White, Johnson Central; second place Logan Copley, Joshua McPeek, Zach Thompson, Kaylee West, Justin Williamson, Ty Hensley and Jacob Staggs, Belfry.

Related Technical Math

First place Austin Border, Millard; second place Joshua Hinkle, Martin County; third place Joseph Hackworth, Floyd County.

SkillsUSA Spelling

First place Daniel Ash, Martin County; second place Joshua Crum, Martin County.

T-Shirt Design

First place Kaylee West, Belfry; second place Cecil Reed, martin County; third place Golden Key, Belfry.

Talent and Variety

First place Ronnie Williams, Belfry; second place Caleb Patrick, Martin County.

Technical CAD

First place Mariah Boyd, Johnson Central; second place Josh Loredo, Johnson Central; third place Stephen Bowling, Johnson Central.

TV Video Production

First place Michael Hamilton and Jenna Slone, Johnson Central; second place Paige Meadows and Megan Byrd, Johnson Central; third place Jarred Vanhoose and Levi Melvin, Johnson Central.

Web Design

First place Weston Burchett and John Rowland, Johnson Central; second place Mason McCoart, Johnson Central; third place Austin Lafferty and Ali Pelphrey, Floyd County.

Welding I

First place Zachary Scroggins, Belfry; second place Corey Burchett, Floyd County; third place Phillip Justice, Belfry.

Welding II

First place Andrew Anderson, Magoffin County; second place Tyler Taylor, Belfry; third place Tyler Honeycutt, Floyd County.

Welding Art Sculpture

First place Matthew Cooper, Belfry; second place David Hawkins, Millard; third place Sarah Marcum, Belfry.

Wood Sculpture

First place Nicole Gillman, Belfry; second place Jonathan Cody Jude, Martin County.