Faculty members and students from Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) attended the 99th annual meeting of the Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) on November 8-9 at Morehead State University.

Garrison Turner, a physics instructor at BSCTC, presented a paper in the Physics and Astronomy section of the meeting, entitled "The Connection between Delta Scuti Stars and Close Binery Parameters," which was also the topic of his thesis at Ball State University (BSU). Garrison's research was undertaken in cooperation with Ronald Kaitchuck (BSU) and John Holady (Purdue University).

Tina Ousley, associate professor of biology, used the KAS meeting as an instructional tool and brought two BSCTC honors students, Lakeyn Greene and Darian Lewis, to attend various presentations. Ousley's son, Christopher, who is a senior at Paintsville High School, also accompanied the group.

Dr. John Shiber, professor of biology, presented the results of his latest research project in the Ecology and Environmental Science section, entitled Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Formaldehyde in Domestic and Foreign Beers Commonly Consumed in Eastern Ky., USA, a paper which is now being prepared for publication in an international science journal. Dr. Shiber also represented BSCTC at the annual KCTCS Science Faculty Meeting held concurrently at MSU the same weekend.

Also in attendance representing BSCTC were two of Dr. Shiber's former biology students, Greg Stanley and Tammy Blackburn who both are BSCTC graduates. Stanley was a participant in the student poster competition in the area of Agricultural Sciences. In his last year at MSU, Stnaley presented results of an ongoing research project, entitled "Photodormancy of Annual Vinca (Catharanthus hybrid) seed during germination."