Alumni Highlight - Glenn Arnett | BSCTC

Alumni Highlight - Glenn Arnett

Shaking hands with ReganAs a young man growing up in West Prestonsburg, Glenn Arnett never dreamed that he would one day work alongside the President of the United States and travel the world. But that is exactly what he did!
Glenn attended Prestonsburg Community College from 1964 to 1966 and then transferred to Pikeville College where he completed his bachelors degree in social studies. He tried teaching but quickly realized that was not for him.

He joined the US Air Force in October 1970 and after basic training was assigned to the Aerospace Audiovisual Service at Norton AFB, San Bernardino, CA. In January 1973, Glenn was assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C. Then in 1976 he was selected to serve with the White House Communications Agency. This assignment included part of Gerald Fords administration, all of Jimmy Carters four years, Ronald Reagans two terms and a short time with George H.W. Bushs administration.

While working in this capacity he had the privilege of traveling the world to such places as Austria, London, The Panama Canal, Egypt, Iran, Switzerland, China, the Island of Malta, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Germany the former USSR and most all major cities in the United States.

Glenn has extensive experience with various telecommunications, audiovisual, telephone, computer and satellite communications systems and is currently employed as an ITO Services Delivery Consultant III at HP Enterprise Services in Herndon, Virginia. He resides in Reston, Virginia with his wife Sharon, two dogs and a cat. He has one son Matthew who lives in Leesburg, VA.

Glenn commented that along his journey he has come to realize that, honesty, integrity, hard work, an open mind toward others ideas and the ability to listen has proven to be invaluable. He also gives credit to the Floyd County schools for a superb learning experience in elementary and secondary education. My experience at Prestonsburg Community College provided me with the tools to be able to compete and enjoy my successes.