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Application Requirements

All students who have attended a Pre-Admission Nursing Conference and applying to the Academic Career Mobility Program must submit a completed file. The completed file must be submitted to Vanessa Thornsberry in the Admissions & Records Office by March 1st, no later than 4 pm.

The student must submit all required documentation listed below. The submitted materials will be reviewed and a checklist will be signed verifying completed file. The student will be provided a copy of the signed checklist for their records.

The original form will be retained by the Admissions Department and placed in the student’s file. If Vanessa Thornsberry is unavailable, please see the Dean of Student Services, Jimmy Wright, for further instruction.

Please do not submit any documentation to the Nursing Department or any other department of the College.

The student will assume all responsibility in the delivery of their completed file to Vanessa Thornsberry in the Admissions & Records Office.

Required Materials for a Completed File

  1. Attendance at a Pre-Admission Nursing Conference

  2. Official High School Transcript or GED

  3. Official Transcripts from all Post-Secondary Education or Training Facilities.
    (This Excludes any KCTCS College/School)

  4. Results of the National ACT Test

  5. Results of the TEAS Exam

  6. Kentucky State Registry for Nurse Aide License Number