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Selective Admission Criteria - Dental Assisting

The Dental Assisting Program is a selective admission program.  We use the following criteria when selecting students.  There are a total of 65 points possible. 

Students admitted into the Dental Assisting career track must have completed BIO 135 (Basic Anatomy and Physiology with Laboratory) or BIO 137 (Human Anatomy & Physiology I), with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better prior to entering the program. Documentation of computer literacy as defined by KCTCS is required prior to admission into the Dental Assisting Program.

Category I: National Composite ACT

(Points Possible: 36) 

An ACT composite score of 18 or above is required for admission.  An ACT composite score of 18 will receive 0 points.  An ACT composite of 19-36 will receive face value points.  Example: Score of 23 will receive 23 points.  

Category II: Cumulative GPA

(Points Possible: 4) 

A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in postsecondary education or training is required for admission.  Points will be equal to GPA.  Points will equal Big Sandy Community and Technical College GPA only.  Example:  GPA of 3.72 will receive 3.72 points. 

Category III: Completed Coursework

(Points Possible:  25) 

Points will be awarded for completion of the courses listed below.  If completed through BSCTC: A=5 pts, B=4 pts, C=3 pts.  If completed at another institution: A=3 pts, B=2 pts, C=1 pt. 

Point Courses

  • ENG 101
  • PSY 110
  • BIO 135 or
  • BIO 137 and
  • BIO 139