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Associate in Arts Check List

General Education Core Requirements

  • Written Communications - 6 Credits Total
    • ENG 101 & ENG 102 (or) Students who complete ENG 105 must take an additional 3 hours of General Education from any of the General Education categories.
  • Oral Communications - 3 Credits
  • Arts and Humanities- 6 Credits Total
    • One course must be selected from Humanities and one course from Heritage.
  • Quantitative Reasoning - 3 Credits
    • The course used to meet this requirement must be MAT 141 or a higher level selected from the approved General Education list. Students planning to earn a baccalaureate degree which requires college algebra or any course with a college algebra prerequisite are advised to take MAT 150.
  • Natural Science - 3 Credits
    • One science course must include a laboratory experience.
  • Quantitative Reasoning OR Natural Sciences - 3 Credits
  • Social and Behavioral Science - 9 Credits Total
    • Two disciplines must be represented and different from those in the Arts and Humanities category.

Subtotal: 33 Credit Hours

Associate in Arts Requirements

  • Arts and Humanities OR Social and Behavioral Science OR Foreign Language OR Oral Communication - 3 Credits
  • Arts and Humanities OR Social and Behavioral Science OR Foreign Language OR or Oral Communication - 3 Credits

Subtotal: 6 Credit Hours


Students are advised to choose hours to satisfy pre-major requirements at the institution
to which they are transferring.

Subtotal: 21 Credit Hours

Total: 60 Credit Hours

Degree requirements:

  1. Completion of minimum 60 credit hours.
  2. Minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA.
  3. Minimum of 15 credit hours earned at the institution awarding the degree.
  4. Cultural studies course.
  5. Demonstration of digital literacy.
  6. College Success Course or Equivalent