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Instructions for Clinical Observation

It will be your responsibility to set up your clinical observation (this is simply 'shadowing' a respiratory therapist, and includes absolutely no 'hands-on' activities) hours.  If you do not have access to the following cooperating facilities you may contact any facility to determine if they are participating.  It is acceptable to do observation at the facilities listed below or any other medical facility, however prior arrangements must be made with the Cardiopulmonary Director or Director of Education in that particular facility. You must contact the facility at least ONE MONTH prior to the time you plan to complete your observation hours.  The facility may require backgrounds checks and/or mandatory drug screens.  You will be responsible for any costs that may be incurred due to these requirements. 

Please try to do observation at a minimum of two different facilities.  While you should observe in at least one hospital, you may choose to observe in a home care setting or long-term care facility for your 2nd facility if arrangements can be made. Below you will find contact information for some regional facilities.  However, you may complete your observation at any hospital where you have made appropriate arrangements. 

  • Highlands Regional Medical Center
    Phone: (606) 886-8511 or 789-6548
    Contact: Ashley Shepherd or Education Department
  • Pikeville Medical Center
    Phone: (606) 218-3500
    Contact: Dwight Buckley or Education Department
  • ARH Our Lady of the Way
    Phone: (606) 285-6400
    Contact: Vickie Rose or Education Department 
  1. If a particular facility is feeling “overwhelmed” by student observers, you may be directed to another facility.       
  2. A separate documentation sheet must be filled out for each observation date.           
  3. Documented respiratory observation hours will receive the following points for admission  purposes:
    • 1-4 hours = 1 point
    • 5-8 hours = 2 points
    • 9-12 hours = 4 points 
  4. All documented Clinical Observation Hours sheets must be submitted, along with other program application documents, to the Admissions & Records Office on the Prestonsburg campus of Big Sandy Community & Technical College by the program application deadline.

Big Sandy Community & Technical College
Admissions & Records Office
Prestonsburg Campus
One Bert T. Combs Drive
Prestonsburg, KY 41653