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Associate in Science

AS degree transferring to a University for continued education in studies such as Biology, Engineering, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Med, Pre-Vet

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Dr. Lisa Music, Ph.D.
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What is an Associate in Science (AS) Degree?

The Associate in Science degree allows students to explore a variety of educational options while gaining a solid foundation in the sciences. The degree enables graduates to continue their education at a four-year institution prepared to specialize in their chosen field.

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Getting Started

What are my degree, diploma, and certificate options?

associate in science: 60 total credit hours Requirements

How Do I Pay For This?

What Else Do I Need to Know?

How long will it take to complete the program?

Two-years for a full-time student. It is not unusual for students to study part-time and take more than two years to complete the degree.

Where will I be able to transfer?

Transfer degrees form the foundation of a bachelors degree by allowing students to complete all of the general education requirements prior to transfer to a four year college or university.

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