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Addiction Recovery Resources

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center 

  • Addiction Services- No one should feel alone in their struggle with addiction. Mountain Comprehensive Care has a variety of programs designed to help you overcome addiction, focus on recovery, and reclaim your normal life.

Addiction Recovery Care Outpatient Centers

  • The first is an Intensive track (IOP) that consists of at least nine hours of group and individual counseling a week, and an option of one 12-step meeting a week (AA, NA, or Celebrate Recovery) conveniently provided at our facility. Our groups are focused from material out of Recovery Dynamics, Living In Balance, Matrix, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relapse Prevention, and After Care.
  • The second is an Outpatient (OP) track that engages clients that are determined by the clinician to be better suited for a lower level of care. Outpatient rehab involves a minimum of two hours per week of individual and/or group counseling. This avenue is for addicts that have remained mostly functional in other areas of their lives and are also engaged in a career that will not allow them to engage in 9 hours a week. This option has the choice between individual and group counseling

Hope in the Mountains 

  • Our residential, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs are designed to meet you where you are and to help you address your individual needs. We use a comprehensive approach that treats you as a person and not simply your drug and alcohol problems. This allows you to focus on building a life free of substances that you can be proud of.

Brookside Addiction Treatment Services

  • Alcohol and drug abuse have the power to consume a person’s life, affecting mental health, behavioral health and physical health. Unlike inpatient care, our outpatient drug rehab in Pikeville, Kentucky, lets you take care of your responsibilities, sleep in your own bed and follow your own schedule — all while taking advantage of the same treatment services available to those in residential rehab.

New Millennium Ministries- Addiction Treatment Center

  • Salyersville, KY (606)638-0938

Decision Point Recovery Addiction Treatment Center

  • 400 University Dr. #212a (606)886-9989

Van Arc Behavioral Management -Addiction Treatment Center

  • 290 E. Court Street. Prestonsburg, KY (606)886-9989

Kentucky Addiction Centers

  • Suboxone and Alcohol treatment Provider
  • Paintsville, KY 

Layne House Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment Center

  • 1416 S Lake Dr Prestonsburg, KY (606)886-7839

Behavioral Health Group Paintsville Treatment Center 

  • 628 Jefferson Ave. Paintsville, KY 41240  (606)789-6966

East KY Rehabilitation Center

  • 290 E. Court Street Prestonsburg, KY 41653 (606)263-4714

Drug Abuse Treatment & Info Alcoholism treatment program

  • Inez, KY (606)298-7902

Sphero Health Outpatient Addiction Treatment: Medication Assisted Therapy  

  • Physician Services
  • Counseling
  • Recovery Support Service

Groups Recover Together 

  • 255 Church Street, Pikeville, KY 41501 (606)244-0780

ASAP Consulting Addiction treatment center

  • Pikeville, KY (606)437-0097

National Safety Group Alcoholism Treatment Program

  • Pikeville, KY (606)432-1985