Student Spotlight: Stephanie Renee Kilgore | BSCTC

Student Spotlight: Stephanie Renee Kilgore

Stephanie Renee Kilgore

Stephanie Renee Kilgore, 

B.A., Education 

I was in my late 20s before I decided to go to college. I did not feel like my education was that important when I was younger. It had always been about survival and making it day to day. College seemed like a fairy tale. I thought that it was only for people who had money or parents that could afford to help them pay for tuition.  

My mother and I discussed how we both wanted to make a difference in our community, but with our limited education, there was not much we could do in our everyday lives to contribute besides making pizzas or flipping burgers. 

We decided that we would both go back to school together. We promised to help one another so that we could both be successful and do something that would make my children proud. We wanted to be role models for them and to have a career that would give us more meaning in our lives.  

We looked at a few colleges in our area, but to be honest, it was clear right away that the only school we would be able to afford to attend was BSCTC. Not only was it more affordable, but it also gave us the ability to transfer to Morehead State when it was time to continue our journey after graduation and still go to classes at the BSCTC campus. Classes were flexible and we were able to both keep working our jobs and caring for my children.  

BSCTC was the best choice for us because it was close to home, and we were non-traditional students who needed more support. 

When you think about going to college it can be stressful to be away from your support system, but when you go to BSCTC you do not have to go far away from home. BSCTC feels like family and the people that attend with you will be people in your community.  

Stephanie is going into her third year of teaching! Here’s to another great academic year!