Student Essay Contest | BSCTC

Student Essay Contest

Tie Something You've Studied in a Class to the World Today

Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions should be sent to the following email address: 
  • All submissions will receive a confirmation of receipt.


  • This contest is open to all students enrolled at BSCTC


in the subject line of the email, include "BSCTC Essay Contest" and in the body of the email, please list your name, submission title, your class status (freshman/sophomore), address, and email. 

  • Limit: One Submission
  • Word Count: 500-100
  • Format: Attatch a PDF with your submission
  • Deadline to Submit Entry: April 3rd, noon.


The winning entry will receive a certificate & $100 prize check. The winner will be announced in mid-April.

This contest is facilitated by the Communications and Writing Division and sponsored by the Big Sandy College Educational Foundation Board