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The Nest Established at BSCTC

BSCTC President Sherry Zylka, Professors Sandra Saad, Tammy Ball and Advancement Manager Kelli Martin receives check from Foundation for Appalachian representatives Ellen Harris, Kathy Allen, and John Rosenberg. Students at Big Sandy Community & Technical College can now stop by The Nest and grab a cup of coffee, gather school supplies, take home a bag of groceries or pick up clothing at no cost. Designed as a resource hub for students, The Nest is now open on the Prestonsburg Campus and will extend to the Mayo Campus very soon.

The Nest is the result of the creative dreaming of two BSCTC faculty members: Professors Sandra Saad and Tammy Ball. Professor Saad stated, "[Students] can come and be safe and get the supplies that they need. But, also, it's going to be a launching pad.” This launching pad is designed to help students during their time at BSCTC and to help them advance upon completion of their degrees. "This concept of the Nest started quite a few years ago as a dream to see our students reach their potential," President Zylka said. "You have two dedicated professors that took this concern and ran with it."

The establishment of The Nest quickly became a shared vision and many faculty and staff members collaborated to make it a reality. There is clear indication that the project will only grow in time, as the concepts of community and generosity are contagious. 

The Floyd County Foundation graciously awarded Professors Saad and Ball a grant of $5,000. to start The Nest. The funding is part of a larger effort to address food security issues in the region. According to the most recent national data, more than 660,000 Kentuckians were considered food insecure in 2017, including an estimated 186,000 children. Funding for this grant was made possible through the Educational Foundation of America and the Appalachian Impact Fund at the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky to help local organizations throughout eastern Kentucky work on solutions in their communities.

Professors Saad and Ball have begun the work to meet the needs of students in very pragmatic ways, and the BSCTC body and community are dedicated to its growth and success.