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Kyle Rice, BSCTC Graduate, and Jaxon’s Dad

Kyle took some college courses, but he never got around to finishing a degree. Kyle felt like he probably had timed out of a college degree. Life happened, work happened, and so many things got in the way. 

Kyle also earned his favorite role as Jaxon’s dad. As a single parent, Kyle knew a drastic change was necessary to provide for his family. Up until this point, Kyle could get by as a server and bartender, but no longer. 

This is right about the time a strong college support system became critical. BSCTC’s Ready to Work Program (RTW) gave Kyle the support necessary to balance family, work, and school and the ability to earn a paycheck while in college. This program was Kyle’s stepping-stone to achieve a better life and pursue his dream of becoming an electrician. 

Kyle also realized that he was now a role model with Jaxon’s big brown eyes studying his every move. “Jaxon needed to actually see me go to college and earn a degree for the two of us!” Kyle continued, “While on the RTW program, I have made connections with the administration at Big Sandy. I have learned valuable life skills and obtained my degree, along with several other certifications. With help from RTW, I am now a college graduate!”

The Ready to Work Program provided the constant support a single parent needs to take the great leap of faith to enroll in college—and graduate! “The RTW folks were ALWAYS there when I needed them. I felt like I could reach out to them anytime. They truly go above and beyond to be there and help in any way they are able,” Kyle explained. 

RTW assists low-income parents that are one of the following:

  • Enrolled at a KCTCS institution
  • A former KCTCS student seeking employment
  • Working with Kentucky Skills U or on a high school diploma
  • Have a barrier to enrolling at KCTCS, such as student debt

If Kyle’s story resonates with you, call Anna at 606-218-1214 or Tawny at 606-788-2805 or Jessica at 606-889-4723. They can answer any questions about BSCTC’s Ready to Work Program, including free daycare and transportation assistance.