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Tierra Morrow's Nursing Success at BSCTC

Tierra Morrow

I am a proud alum of the nursing program at BSCTC, and I can honestly say I enjoyed my college experience. During nursing school, I spent many all-nighters studying for exams, and yes, there were times when I wondered, “what have I gotten myself into?”

I have been a nurse for over two years now, and every day I feel prepared to work in this field. I love the work I do because I make a positive impact on people of all ages.

I chose BSCTC because they offer quality education at an accelerated pace. This college allows students to graduate quickly, begin working, and sends its students in the right direction toward other degrees to earn.

BSCTC is notoriously known for its challenging RN program. While it was certainly not easy, I believe the faculty go above and beyond in getting students where they need to be to be successful. We were not taught how to pass a test; we were taught to treat people effectively and compassionately in the most intimate times of their lives.

I went to Sheldon Clark High school, where our motto was, “Be ready; it’s the cardinal rule.” This couldn’t be truer. My advice to a recent grad would be to prepare yourself the best way to ensure a successful collegiate experience: not just academically prepared but also become a disciplined person.

Whatever you put into college, you will get out of college!