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Revival of Cut-Thru Review, BSCTC’s Literary Journal

We are all reeling from this strange year. For many people, the pandemic pace of life has allowed times of retrospection. Those who consider themselves creative have written songs, poetry, and prose while others have sketched, painted, and watched the world through a camera lens. Even folks who do not consider themselves creative have gravitated to the arts to cope with fear and loss. COVID has demanded a contemplation of living, and the world is changed. 

This is where Cut-Thru Review comes into play-- again. As BSCTC’s literary journal for nearly twenty years, employees and students felt it appropriate to document pandemic experiences and other living. For posterity, for solace, and for productivity, Cut-Thru Review was resurrected. 

Founded and edited by Tim Skeen in 1996 until 2003, this literary journal became the creation of Professor Mary Stepp Wallen (2004 until 2014). The publication was then paused until 2021, when Professor Brandie Davis became chief editor. 

Dr. Denise King, Provost/ CAO of Big Sandy CTC stated, “Cut-Thru Review has given us the opportunity to express, document, and archive our experiences during the pandemic year. We are richly gifted with talented storytellers in eastern Kentucky, and this journal venerates our artists and their thoughts.” 

Students published in the journal include Lindsey Emmons, Kayla Clouse, Ariel Tackett, Hayden Crum, Matthew Hitchcock, Kimberley Music, and Savanna Price. Sheldon Lee Compton and Pearlie Jenkins were among the star guest contributors.  

To have a conversation about Cut-Thru Review, please contact Brandie Davis at