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BSCTC Recognizes ARH as Educational First Employer

arhBig Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) proudly acknowledged Paintsville ARH for achieving the designation of Educational First Employer. This recognition highlights ARH's dedication to supporting their employees through education and training initiatives, setting a commendable standard for other regional businesses.

Businesses qualifying for the Education First Employer program demonstrate shared values with BSCTC and showcase an exceptional commitment to employee development. Like Paintsville ARH, companies provide their employees with tuition assistance and competitive wages. They actively collaborate with BSCTC to enhance students' employability skills, demonstrating a solid partnership in fostering a skilled workforce.

"We are committed to supporting our employees and investing in their future," affirmed Dylon Baker, ARH Assistant Vice President of Workforce Initiatives. This sentiment reflects ARH's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering professional growth within its workforce.

Dr. Denise King, Provost of BSCTC, expressed pride in the dedication shown by employers like ARH. "As we make strides in educating our current and future workforce, the commitment demonstrated by employers such as ARH is invaluable," she remarked.

BSCTC is now looking to expand the initiative, inviting companies investing in workforce development to sign the Education First Employer. A complete listing of current participating companies can be found at 

Businesses interested in pursuing the Education First Employer distinction can visit kctcs.eduor contact Kelly Heckman at with the KCTCS Workforce and Economic Development Office to learn more. 

Pictured left to right.
Kathy Stumbo, CEO of ARH Paintsville, Dr. Denise King, Provost of BSCTC