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BSCTC and the MAC Celebrate Successful Songwriting Workshop

Mike Bell Teaching in a ClassroomBig Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) and the Mountain Arts Center began an "Introduction to Songwriting" class. This class included 75 Floyd County School System students, including the David School Theater, Band, Choir, Media Arts, and Gifted and Talented programs. Students studied to hone their craft under the guidance of renowned songwriters Bobby and Teddi Cyrus of Pinecastle Records.

 The workshop provided students with a unique and comprehensive overview of the songwriting process, from conception to performance. They were grouped to create original songs or song ideas collaboratively, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in songwriting. Additionally, the workshop included insightful lessons on the business aspects of music, such as publishing rights and the roles of performance agencies like BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC.

 A highlight of the day was the opportunity for students to perform their creations or discuss their song topics on the esteemed stage of the Mountain Arts Center. This experience showcased their talents and gave them a taste of professionalism in performing arts. Students also learned about the potential for earning dual credits through courses offered by BSCTC, providing a pathway to further education and career development in the music industry.

 Joe Campbell, Executive Director of the Mountain Arts Center, added, "We are proud to host such a transformative event at our facility. Seeing young talent embrace music and performance with such vigor and passion is inspiring."

 Jill Hamlin, Assistant Director of Fine Arts for BSCTC, expressed her enthusiasm about the program: "This collaboration with the Mountain Arts Center and the involvement of distinguished artists like Bobby and Teddi Cyrus exemplify our commitment to enriching educational experiences that bridge academic and real-world applications."

 The "Introduction to Songwriting" class is part of an ongoing partnership between BSCTC and the Mountain Arts Center, which aims to foster the artistic and professional growth of students in the region.

Pictured is Mike Bell, Mike Bell. Digital Learning Coach at Floyd County Schools & Kentucky Opry Jr. Pros Band Director