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BSCTC Professor fosters community, connection through personal approach

lindsey andersonOne local professor shows her commitment to her students in refreshing, "old school" ways. Lindsey Snider, an English Instructor at Big Sandy CTC, has a passion for weaving personal connections, and she has been quietly making a profound impact on the lives of her students through handwritten letters, personalized cards, and thoughtful gifts.

In an era dominated by digital communication, Professor Snider has chosen to bring a personal touch to her teaching approach. She believes that the written word holds a unique power to convey sincerity and warmth that can be lost in the pixels of an email or text message.

Earlier this semester, she mailed – yes, via postal mail – notes to students in particular classes. This isn't an unusual practice; often, when she learns of a milestone or celebration for a student, she will mail them a card. 

Recently, she spent time wrapping a small gift for each of her in-person students; she put up a small Christmas tree in her Pikeville Campus classroom with the labeled presents underneath. This way, she says, smiling, they see the gifts and wonder what each is but have to wait to open them. Prof. Snider noted that the gifts are inexpensive, but each is selected with the individual in mind. Last year, for example, her students received coffee mugs and cocoa. These small, thoughtful gifts serve as a reminder that someone cares about their well-being and academic success.

The personalized cards and gifts are more than gestures; they are a testament to Prof. Snider's genuine investment in her students' lives. Additionally, she and her in-person students enjoy a dinner together at the end of each semester. Her students decide the dinner theme, and all bring dishes or other contributions. 

The impact of Professor Snider's personal approach is evident in the heartfelt responses from her students. As for her, she downplays her actions, stating, "Teaching is not only about transmitting knowledge, but it's also about connecting with individuals and creating a community where they can thrive. I want my students to know that they are seen and valued."

Professor Lindsey Snider's old-school approach serves as a reminder of the power of personal connections and the difference a caring teacher can make in students' lives.