Water / Wastewater Program

The Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Attendant program is designed to prepare individuals to enter the water quality field, in the area of water, wastewater, or water distribution. The first two courses provide background for students planning to enter the career field. The Special Topics courses satisfies the Kentucky Department of Labor’s apprenticeship requirement for completion of a course of study in drinking water plant operator and/or wastewater treatment plant operator.

All classes count towards licensure for the Kentucky water and wastewater operator’s certification test. With stackable credentials, student can also pursue an Associate’s Degree.


Graduates of the Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Attendant certificate include are well qualified for the following jobs. 

  • Water Treatment Plant and System Operators
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant and System Operators

The First Two Courses

ENV 110 – Introduction to Environmental Technology

This course provides a background in the historical and current developments in environmental problems, solutions, strategies, and regulations. Students explore the various aspects of water/wastewater pollution prevention and control, and the role of regulation at the local, state, and federal levels.

ENV 293 – Special Problems I

Students in this program engage in management of water sources, laboratory analysis of water samples, operation of water/wastewater treatment facilities, maintenance of treatment facility equipment, and troubleshooting process problems.

  • Classes will start October 11th.
  • All courses will be offered online via Blackboard and Skype. Local classes will meet twice a month on the Prestonsburg Campus (Optional) to discuss their experiences.
  • Students must work at a treatment or processing plant to attend these classes. It is also highly encouraged that they are enrolled into the Kentucky Department of Labor Apprenticeship program.


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