Pharmacy Technician | BSCTC

Pharmacy Technician

What is Pharmacy Technician program?

This course provides knowledge in the vital roles
that the pharmacy technician plays in the
pharmaceutical care setting as well as the basic
working knowledge a pharmacy technician will be
expected to know.

Where can I work?

Pharmacy technicians
work in pharmacies
under the direction of a
registered pharmacist.
Pharmacies may be
located in hospitals or clinics, drug stores,
privately-owned pharmacies and grocery stores.

Great Job Market

According to the Federal Bureau of Labor
Statistics, there will be a 20 percent growth in
Pharmacy Tech careers from 2012 through 2022
paying a median wage of $29,320 annually or
$14.10 an hour.

How do I register?


Contact Workforce Solutions by phone at 606.218.1280 or email at