Multicultural Student Organization (MSO)

About & Mission Statement

The Multicultural Student Organization (MSO) is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of culture and diversity within a world of disappearing borders by engaging students in activities which embrace various cultural aspects of the student population, the community, and the world. The MSO encourages educational awareness among all people, not only by encouraging students to learn about cultural aspects of other people they may encounter, but also by encouraging students to embrace and share their own cultures.

The MSO attempts to provide information about available assistance for international students, supports foreign study for domestic students, acts as a liaison between the campus administration faculty and students: promotes programs and communication forums which bring social awareness to cultural similarities and differences among people: encourages the incorporation of multicultural issues and history within our educational system: and sponsors culturally based entertainment and events to bring the world to Big Sandy students in the eastern Kentucky region.

MSO also has a Regional and Cultural Diversity Center resource center in the student center 106. We welcome you to join us in the Regional and Cultural Diversity Center; there are computers for your use. Please remember to sign in when using the Regional and Cultural Diversity Center

Meeting Times & Places

MSO has bimonthly meetings the 2nd & 4th Wednesday in Student Center 110 beginning at 2:00p.m.


  • President- Adrian Hedstrom
  • Vice President- Stephen Roberts
  • Treasurer/Secretary- Christine Taul
  • Sergeant-at-Arms- Vacant
  • Public Relations- Vacant


Tina Terry - Advisor
Director of Cultural Diversity
Student Center, Room 204
886-7374 or ext. 67374
Fax: 606-886-2110

Jennifer Little - Co advisor
PR & Marketing Assistant
(606) 889-4736