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The East Kentucky Science Center and Planetarium held the 12th annual East Kentucky Regional Science Fair on November 2 on the Prestonsburg campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC).

Students, grades fourth through 12th, competed for a variety of cash prizes ($200 for first place, $100 for second place and $50 for third place). A $100 cash prize was awarded to teachers of first-place winners to purchase classroom supplies.

Heres a breakdown of the winners:

Fourth Grade: First place, Amelia Wallace, May Valley Elementary School, Mint Mentos; second place, Elizabeth Fletcher, LBJ Elementary School, Missing Shell; third place, Wade Allen McGuire, Marie Roberts-Caney Elementary School.

Fifth Grade: First place, Kade Scott, May Valley Elementary School, Real Fruit or Juice; second place, Lily Gardner, Our Lady of the Mountains, UV Beads: How to Protect Yourself; third place, Haley Sorrell, Inez Elementary School, Wi-Worry About a Wi-Fi Signal (with plants).

Sixth Grade: First place, Jackson Morgan R.W. Combs Elementary School, Soap Scuffle; Riele Holbrook, June Buchanan School, The Effect of Preservatives on Decomposition of Hamburgers; third place, Dylan Johnson, LBJ Elementary School, Do Video Games Affect Heart Rate.

Seventh Grade: First place, Hannah Ward, Martin County Middle School, The Five Second Rule: Truth or Myth; second place, Robert Matthew Tackett, Wesley Christian School, Killing Kitchen Creepers; third place, Emalee Fields, Willard Elementary School, Did you Really Feel That.

Eighth Grade: William Spradley, Robinson Elementary School, Oral Bacteria Killer: Maybe, Maybe Not; second place, Dora Stanley, June Buchanan School, Geodes the Surprise Inside; third place, Kade Meade, Betsy Layne Elementary School, Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz.

Ninth Grade: First place, Mary Lucas, Shelby Valley High School, Cell Phone Radiation; second place Lakyn Wallace, Allen Central High School, The Heart of Rock and Roll; third place Connor Jacobs, June Buchanan School, The Effect of Acids on Minerals.

Tenth Grade: Kennedi Damron, Knott County Central High School, The Effect of Cell Phone Usage on Reaction Time; Alex Meade, Betsy Layne High School, Ant Confusion; third place Megan Hall, June Buchanan School, The Effects of UV Rays on the Various Brands of Sunscreen.

11th Grade: First place, Thomas Case, Allen Central High School, Freshen Up; second place, Christian Richardson, Knott County Central High School, What is the Effect of Lipstick Types on Light Transmission.

12th Grade: First place, Michael Caudill, Shelby Valley High School, Insulation Counts; second place Sarah Clemons, Knott County Central High School, What is the Effect of Oil Bases on Soaps Durability; third place, Blake Spencer, Betsy Layne High School, What Types of Helmets Protect the Best Against Head Trauma.

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