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Dr. Doug Herman smiles as he reads The Mountain Whippoorwill on Wednesday, March 26, as part of the Read Across America program at Big Sandy Community and Technical Colleges Prestonsburg campus. Dr. Doug Herman, professor of history at Big Sandy Community and Technical College, was recognized on Wednesday, March 26, for his dedication to the colleges Read Across America program.

He demonstrates his love for reading by sharing it with others, said Judy Howell, who serves as a professor and reference librarian at BSCTC. In the 19 years I have been a part of the program, Dr. Herman has been a faithful supporter of events that celebrate the importance of reading.

Dr. Herman has participated in the Read Across America program, formerly called the American Read Aloud, since its inception at BSCTC in 1991. It was fitting that Dr. Herman went back and chose the first selection he read in 1991, The Mountain Whippoorwill by Stephen Vincent Benet.

This has been a special and worthwhile event in regards to reading, said Dr. Herman, who will be retiring in May. I knew this was going to be the last time I was going to participate in the program unless I was invited back.

Howell quickly chimed in: You have a standing invitation.

Dr. Herman, who plans on moving to a retirement community in central Kentucky, said he would return.

Other BSCTC faculty members also participated in the event. They include: Dr. Bill Loftus, John Carroll, Dr. Shirley Thomas, Dr. Don Barlow, Michelle Fields, Sabra Jacobs, Howell, Sandra Saad and Dr. Phyllis Puffer. BSCTC student Helen Faith also participated.