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Students in the Honors Program at Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) recently completed a service learning project that collected food for a local food pantry.

Honors Students collected food during a six-week stretch to aid the Fishes and Loaves Food Pantry at the St. James Episcopal Church, which is adjacent to the colleges Prestonsburg campus.

Show are Austin Howard, Chris Campbell, Dalton Risner, Laken Mandola, Madison Preece and Maranda Ferguson.

Dalton Risner, a second-year Honors student, said the food drive was a way to help a large number of people.

"At first when we were talking, we lot of ideas, he said. We had numerous thoughts going through our minds and as a group. For one, what was available to do? Regardless, had to keep it simple so that everyone could be involved and in a central location so that we would all be available to help.

Associate Professor Matt Smith, the Honors Program coordinator, said he is very proud of his students and their work during this project.

What theyre doing is great because it's a great cause, said Smith. Theyre doing great things. I couldn't think of a greater church for them to help because of their location and ministries. They will be serving a lot of people through this.