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Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC), in conjunction with the Floyd County and Johnson County Adult Education programs, held a graduation ceremony for GED students on Tuesday, May 10 in the Varia Auditorium on the Mayo campus of BSCTC.

Dr. Devin Stephenson, president of BSCTC, served as the keynote speaker. He told students that graduation was the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one.

New journeys are not that strange,amp;rdqrdquo; he told graduates. Christopher Columbus was looked upon as a fool in his day, because he was one only a few who believed the earth was round. The geographers and scholars of the day were convinced the earth was flat. He didnt keep the fear of the unknown keep him from discovering and exploring.

Dr. Stephenson added that graduates are now taking a giant leap into a world of opportunities and possibilities.

Charting new territory means you will be misunderstood, he continued, and out of your comfort zone. It means there will be times of uncertainty, where even the safety of family, friends, faculty and college administrators wont be there to help. It is a competitive world and it will require that you have an excellent map a plan if you are going to be successful.

Dr. Jennifer Leedy, director of the Floyd and Johnson County Adult Education programs, said GED graduates come from all walks of life.

When I see a graduate, I see much more than a person, she said. I see a story most often, it is a story of defying the odds, working to better their situation and taking a step to take care of their family. Its an honor to have this opportunity to help them in this important step in their life.

Those who participated in the graduation were: Carlie Ashley, Christopher Adkins, Roy Blakeman, Natasha Burchett, Karrie Coburn, Stacy Cottle, Robin Cronin, Robert Epps, Jason Kendrick, Heather Kidd, Brittany Morris, John Scott, Gary Slone, Kara Slone and Wayne Stambaugh.

Dr. Leedy also wanted to express her appreciation to her instructors: Phillip Gullett, Joey Conn, Ron Hampton, Nancy Bormes, Wayne Combs, Penelope Spradlin, Laura Tackett, Virginia Williamson-Jones and Lindsey Anderson.

I also want to thank Stephanie [Bunyard] and Fran [Stepp] for their work each day as staff members and their work in putting the graduation ceremony together, she said.

For more information on Adult Education programs in Floyd and Johnson counties, call (606) 886-7397 or (606) 788-2887