Transfer Policy | BSCTC

Transfer Policy

Applicants who have attended another nursing program, or wish to transfer from a KCTCS nursing program must:

  • Meet all admission requirements of the receiving institution;
  • Notify the Coordinator of the Nursing Program in writing, stating anticipated entry and reason for transfer;
  • Include a copy of their unofficial transcripts reflecting grades in all previous courses in the nursing program from which they are transferring;
  • Have a faculty member from the program previously attended submit a letter of recommendation to the receiving institution; AND
  • Submit documentation from the nursing coordinator that the student is eligible for re-admission to that original nursing program.

When more than three years have elapsed since initial enrollment in the first nursing course from any nursing program, an applicant must repeat all nursing courses. 

Policies regarding readmission requirements listed above also apply to students requesting transfer. 

Transfer requests are considered based on space availability. 

Transfer requests will be considered by the Nursing Admissions Committee, in consultation with the nursing faculty.