Readmission Guidelines | BSCTC

Readmission Guidelines

Applicants who are seeking readmission into the nursing program should adhere to the following application deadlines:

  • Applicants reapplying to NSG 101 or any other nursing course that is taught in the fall semester should apply for readmission prior to March 1st
  • Applicants reapplying to any nursing course that is taught in the spring semester should apply for readmission prior to November 15th

Recommendation for readmission to the nursing program is the responsibility of the Nursing Admissions Committee and is dependent upon available resources. 

In order to be considered for readmission by the Nursing Admissions Committee, the applicant must: 

  • Attend a Pre-Admission Nursing Conference (Fall Applicants should do so by March 1st,
    Spring Applicants should do so by the 1st Friday in November.) 
  • Meet current admission guidelines
  • Submit a written request to the nursing coordinator
    (This letter, addressed to the coordinator, should include the following:  (1)  the semester and course to which the student is requesting readmission, (2) reason(s) for previous unsuccessful progress in the nursing program, and (3) personal plans to increase chances for success if readmitted)
  • Complete any required remediation processes outlined by the Coordinator and/or nursing program faculty/staff 

A student MAY BE readmitted to the Nursing program one time.  The Nursing Admissions Committee may recommend readmission a second time, if a student meets current readmission guidelines and furnishes sufficient evidence of remedial study, additional preparation, or resolution of factors contributing to unsuccessful course completion.  There is no provision for a third readmission. 

If more than three years have elapsed since initial enrollment in the first nursing course of any registered nursing program, an applicant must repeat all nursing courses. 

All students, regardless of length of time out of the program, must demonstrate continued competency to be readmitted.  Program faculty and the Nursing Coordinator will determine the competency requirements which will include both written exams and clinical/lab performance skills.   Competency requirements include any content covered in previous nursing courses, and nursing assistant, which the student has successfully completed.  Demonstrated competency includes:

  • Passing a competency exam with a minimum of 78%
  • Passing a competency skill exam(s)/clinical requirements at 100%, consisting of skills learned from all successfully completed nursing courses