Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky


Education & Training on the Fast Track.


Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky has been designed for you if:
You need a better job and know you need to go to college, but you're in a hurry and
You have or don't have a GED or high school diploma, or
You just need some help with reading, writing, and/or math.

In as little as 16 weeks, you could have:
12 - 15 college credits, and
3 -4 certificates in a career pathway, and
Improved basic skills, and/or
Earn a GED.

In the Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky initiative, basic skills such as reading, writing, and math, are taught along with your chosen technical program, such as Allied Health and Industrial Maintenance, by two instructors working together in the same classroom. The classes are small so if you need help with a problem, you'll have immediate access to an instructor. The classes are also intense: most classes meet four days a week for three to four hours a day, which means you can reach your goals in a hurry.

While you're working with your instructors, you'll also be working with a Success Coach and Career Coach. The Success Coach can assist you with completing college paperwork, financial aid, provide support, and develop plan(s) for you to meet your goals. Your Career Coach (from the Kentucky Career Center) can assist you with your job search, job interview preparation, resume preparation, job applications, and job leads all at no cost to you.

Career Pathways:

Nursing/Allied Health


  • Medical Terminology (AHS 115)
  • Achieving Academic Success (FYE 105)
  • Nursing Assistant Skills (NAA 100)
  • Service Learning (GEN 120)

Total Credit Hours: 12


  • Certified Nursing Assistant

Industrial Maintenance


  • Fluid Power FPX 100
  • Fluid Power FPX 101 (LAB)


  • Circuits (ELT 110)
  • Maintenance Industrial Equip. - IMT 150
  • Maintenance Industrial Equip. IMT 151 (LAB)

Total Credit Hours: 12 - 15


  • Industrial Maintenance Machinists Mechanic
  • Industrial Maintenance Electrical Mechanic
  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Level I
  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Level II

Welding Technology


  • Oxy-Fuel Systems (WLD 100)
  • Oxy-Fuel Systems Lab (WLD 101)
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (WLD 120)
  • Shielded metal Arc Welding Lab (WLD 121)
  • Achieving Academic Success (FYE 105)

12 Total Credit Hours


  • Oxy-Fuel System
  • Shielded Metal Arc

Computer Information Technology


  • Introduction to Computers (CIT 105)
  • Computer Hardware and Software (CIT 111)
  • Introduction to Networks (CIT 161)
  • Achieving Academic Success (FYE 105)

14 Total Credit Hours


  • Introduction to Computers
  • Computer Hardware & Software (A+)
  • Networking

Electricity Technology


  • Circuits I (ELT 110)
  • Electrical Construction I (EET 154)
  • Electrical Construction I Lab (EET 155)
  • Achieving Academic Success (FYE 105)

12 Total Credit Hours


  • Circuits
  • Electrical Construction

Contact Information

Kelli Hall
Dean of Career Education/Workforce Development
(606) 218-1275

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