Alice Lloyd College | BSCTC


ALC is one of only 7work collegesin the country, making it the #1 college in graduates with lowest debt.

Majors Offered

Majors and minors -list

Transferring from KCTCS

  • General education requirements and KCTCS courses that can meet them -info
  • Anolder transfer guidethat is more major-specific about general education courses to plan for that major

Apply for admission

  • Online application
  • Transfer student admissionpolicy--click on the transfer tab
  • Application deadlines:July 1st (for the fall semester)orNovember 1st (for the spring semester)
  • An interview is required. Instructions and advice for the interview appear on the application page.

Financial Aid

Federal and state aid programs are described at thetop

Institutional Scholarships

Scroll down for scholarshipinfo
ALC is one of the colleges in the Kentucky Coal County College Completion Scholarship (KCCCCS) pilot program--a significant scholarship!

  • That scholarship is a pilot program only - the last year for this program is 2013-2014