Pre-Professional Information

  • Pre-Med
    • UK's pre-med advising resources
    • If you already have a Bachelor's (4-year college) degree, the University of Louisville has a post-baccalaureate Pre-Medical program.
    • UK (allopathic) medical school admissions information - pay close attention to "Before You Apply"
    • University of Louisville (allopathic) medical school admissions information including entering class statistics
    • University of Pikeville (osteopathic) medical school prospective student admissions requirements
    • What is allopathic medicine? - mainstream medical practice that emphasizes drugs and surgery
    • What is osteopathic medicine? - alternative medicine that focused on osteopathic manipulation and holistic health
    • The distinctions aren't really that sharp--DO's practice mainstream medicine and MD's emphasize prevention
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine
    • UK's Pre-vet med advising resources
    • Kentucky does not have a vet school - information about contract spaces (CPE/SREB)
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Physician Assistant
  • Pre-Physical Therapist
    • UK's pre-PT advising resources
      • Scroll down and click on Admissions Requirements
  • Pre-Dental
  • Pre-Optometry
  • Pre-Podiatry
  • Pre-Law

Did you know?

If you are pre-professional for physician assistant, pharmacy, dentistry, audiology, occupational therapy, optometry,  or physical therapy, UK offers a new major,  Human Health Sciences .

Morehead State University(at the main campus in Morehead) also has a new major for health pre-professionals, the B.S. in Biomedical Sciences.

You can customize your track to specific health professions--curriculum maps (checksheets) are available on this page.
If you are pre-Dental, they have a way to be pre-admitted to UK Dental School as you start your senior year (if you are a competitive candidate and are selected by UK), and part of your senior year is classes for dental school, taught by a UK dental faculty member. This is an AMAZING opportunity!