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Online programs - state (public) universities in Kentucky:


Online Programs at other Kentucky institutions (private, non-profit):

Online Programs at other Kentucky institutions (private, for-profit):

Other institutions with which we have a special relationship:

  • Bellevue University (NE) – must complete AA or AS before transfer.  Contact Savannah Castle at, or call or text .(606) 369-7198.  Her office is located in the Student Center 100L.
  • Grand Canyon University (AZ) – 10% off tuition for KCTCS graduates. KCTCS offer - Online programs
  • Please note that since these are out of state institutions, no state grants or scholarships can be used (such as CAP grant, KTG grant, KEES scholarship, KCCCCS scholarship);  also, their teacher education programs are not approved for becoming a Kentucky certified teacher.


If you are considering other institutions or programs, please conside regional accreditation and diploma/degree mills issue as you make your decision.