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Western Kentucky University

Bowling Green, KY

What they offer


KCTCS Transfer Scholarship

If you are graduating with an Associate degree and have a 3.00 GPA or higher, this is worth pursuing.
Your completed application for admission is your application for this scholarship.
Your scholarship is based on your GPA - see theirwebpagefor more information

  • April 1 if you are starting at WKU in the fall semester
  • November 1 if you are starting at WKU in the spring semester

Departmental Scholarships

Based on your major at WKU
See theirwebpageto browse the list and to follow through with your application.

Transfer Admissions Advisor

Travis R. Hardin
Admissions Counselor
Western Kentucky University
Office Phone:270.745.2551
Follow me on Twitter@TravisOnTheHill