Eastern Kentucky University


What they offer

  • Undergraduatemajors/programs
  • EKUOnlinedegrees and programs
    • Please note that EKU charges 130% of its regular tuition rate for online program tuition
    • The transfer scholarship cannot be used towards the online programs
    • News (May 2014): Psychology (in person or online) can be done as a general psychology degree, or you can take a specialization: family and child, substance abuse, brain and cognitive sciences, forensic psychology.
    • The EKU RN-to-BSN program is now online.Article

How your credits will transfer

  • An AA or AS degree will transfer to EKU and meet all their general education requirements.
  • The 33 hour Core General Education block of either the AA or AS degree, if completed entirely in KCTCS, will result in full general education certification and that also meets EKU general education requirements.
  • EKU also has a wellness graduation requirement that can be fulfilled by a KCTCS course (KHP 145, KHP 230, NFS 101) or by providing a military transcript that shows completion of basic training.
  • You should work in pre-major requirements for your intended major as part of your AA or AS degree.
  • They explain it really wellhere.
  • Course Equivalencies- you can look up how your specific classes will transfer

Transfer Advising Notes

For selected popular majors - prepared by Gail Creekmore

  • NursingBSN
  • Communication DisordersCD(what students take if they are interested in graduate training inCommunication Disordersor Speech Therapy and Audiology)
  • BusinessBBA
  • Criminal JusticeCRJ
  • Social WorkBSW
  • Elementary EducationP-5
  • Occupational StudiesOS(what students take who are interested inOccupational Therapy)


Financial Aid and Scholarships

Transfer Scholarship

  • Only credit hours completed after high school graduation will count towards the 24 credit hours required
  • Four tiers, based on overall college GPA of at least 3.0
  • If you have attended more than one college, they will combine the GPA's
  • Not for return transfers who have attended EKU before--only for new transfers
  • Cannot be used for their online programs


  • Keep up with when EKU will be visitingKCTCS campuses
  • EKU is usually a part of ourfield trip serieseach fall and spring semester.
  • Sign up tovisit EKU(on your own - not a college sponsored field trip)

Transfer Contact

Gail Creekmore -contact information
Transfer Admissions and Articulation Coordinator - EKU
Office telephone(606) 451-6708
Extension 16708 from any KCTCS black Cisco office phone

  • You can dial any KCTCS campus main number and type in the extension

Cell phone(859) 248-5479

Important "pre-announcement" - Colonel Connection

EKU will soon release details about Colonel Connection, where you can apply to EKU for your intended future transfer term, and sign a Colonel Connection agreement. EKU will set up a DegreeWorks degree audit plan for you, and an EKU login and e-mail address. Each semester, your completed classes will be evaluated and your DegreeWorks plan will be updated. It's pre-transfer advising that will help you take the right courses! Also, even if the catalog requirements change before you transfer, you will lock in to your particular catalog requirements and yours won't change. (Certain majors/programs that are regulated by external agencies might still need to change to meet the requirements of the regulatory body.) This is a terrific opportunity for those students who know they will transfer to EKU!

Tau Sigma National Honor Society for transfer students!EKU has a chapter; Gail Creekmore is the chapter advisor.