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KY Public Universities

Transferring to a Public University

  • State-supported (public) universities in Kentucky represent a very affordable option, and a popular option.
  • Three state universities are the most popular transfer destinations for Big Sandy students: Morehead, EKU, and UK (in that order).
  • The other public universities attract at least some BSCTC transfer students.
  • Big Sandy CTC students are transferring to every Kentucky public university!
  • Kentucky public universities typically offer a KCTCS transfer scholarship or a transfer scholarship program for students who meet the criteria.
  • Transfer scholarships vary in how many semester hours are required to be completed, or if the full AA or AS degree must be completed, what GPA is required, if there is a range of eligible GPA's, if it's automatic or competitive, and how much of an application process is required. Learn the requirements for your intended transfer university early so you can prepare to qualify.

Full General Education Certification 

Effective Fall 2012, completing the 33-hour core general education block of either the AA or the AS degree will result in the transcript notation "General Education Fully Certified" being added to the student's transcript. The receiving institution may have additional general education or graduation requirements, but this certification usually covers all or most of the requirements.

On BSCTC checksheets, the 33 hour block is the same as "General Education Core Requirements" in the top block.


Category Certification

If you don't have full general education certification, the next level would be to complete category certifications.
See page 5 of the KY CPE Transfer Policy 2011

TES - Transfer Evaluation System

General education courses are marked with two-letter codes to show what general education category it is. Even if the receiving public university doesn't have a course that matches exactly, it will count in that area.

TES for transferring from a KY public university to BSCTC can be found at the bottom of the Admissions webpage.

KY CPE Transfer Policy 2011

KCTCS Policy: General Education Certification (Full and Category)

Which universities are KY public universities?

  • Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond - website
  • Kentucky State University, Frankfort - website
  • Morehead State University, Morehead - website
  • Murray State University, Murray - website
  • Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights - website
  • University of Kentucky, Lexington - website
  • University of Louisville, Louisville - website
  • Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green - website