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General Transfer Information

Transfer Handbook

KCTCS Transfer website
--there's lots of good resources at this website, including institutional transfer contacts and system wide transfer agreements. Investigate this thoroughly!

How to find a KY college that offers a particular major or program:

Easier: KHEAA > Students and Parents > Selecting a College > Matching Assistant

Harder (a little more technical to navigate):
CIP Codes - explore codes that classify educational programs (NCES)
Inventory of Approved or Licensed Programs (KY Council on Postsecondary Education)
--you can search by CIP codes/prefixes, keywords, degree level
--you may need to drag the scroll bar right to see the View Report button
--use Export to print your results
--CPE recommends using Internet Explorer browser to operate this, so if you are having trouble with other browsers, try IE.

Approved Teacher Education Preparation Programs

  • Are you becoming a teacher or other certified school professional?
  • KY Education Professionals Standards Board > Teacher Preparation > Approved Programs
  • You can search by institution (4-year college/university) or by the certification that you are seeking

But what I want to study isn't offered in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (KY CPE) participates with the Southern Regional Educational Board (SREB) in an Academic Common Market (ACM) - where students can complete these studies in partner SREB states and pay the same state resident tuition as that state's residents (representing a huge tuition saving over paying non-resident tuition). Check the ACM website for more information. There is a searchable directory of programs (and a list of denied programs and why, that might help find you the program you want in Kentucky). ACM

Peterson's Guides to Colleges - whether in KY or not - another way to search for colleges -link

Live online college fairs
Free online college fair! Single-institution scheduled live chats, online open houses, multi-institution all access events. Colleges and universities from all across the country (and the UK, Ireland, Canada) participate.