Jeff Green

Jeff S. Green
BSCTC 2007-2012

Jeff GreenJeff S. Green found himself living from paycheck to paycheck as a restaurant dishwasher/cook in Savannah, Georgia. He felt he had no hope of increasing his earning potential without a high school diploma or a college degree. He heard about the Carl D. Perkins Job Corps, a comprehensive residential education and job training program for career seeking youth between the ages 16-24. Realizing an education leads to better job possibilities, a more successful career, better wages, and, ultimately, an improved quality of life, he applied to Job Corps. Upon admittance, he left family and friends and all that was familiar to him to move to Prestonsburg, Kentucky where his quest for a better way of life began.

Jeff enrolled in and completed several courses including business courses and the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) training. He was simultaneously seeking a high school diploma to compliment his Certificate of Attendance and a GED. His high school diploma was awarded in 2007 and the GED in 2006.

Not sure what his ultimate career goal would be, Jeff enrolled at Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) in fall 2007. In spring 2009, he returned to his home in Georgia and enrolled in online BSCTC classes. However, he missed the life he had built in rural eastern Kentucky and decided to return to BSCTC. While at BSCTC, Jeffs college costs were offset by the wages he earned as a work study or temporary worker.

Jeff earned two degrees at BSCTC: Associate of Arts in December, 2011 and Associate of Science in May, 2012. His family was always proud of him, but this pride was clearly demonstrated when his parents, sister and other family members drove from Savannah to attend his graduation. Jeff said, BSCTC faculty and staff, as well as my family, gave me the confidence to look at my future and to realize that I CAN achieve my goals. I am a living testament to those people who thought I couldnt make it through college and college wasnt for me. And, to think, I am now attending a four-year university.

After graduating from BSCTC, Jeff enrolled at Lindsey Wilson and attended classes at its Prestonsburg campus site. He will be receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Services in December, 2013. When asked what he planned to do after graduation, he said, Find a job. I feel I have the qualifications for many different jobs, but it is a matter of finding a company with an opening. I do know that I want to make a better life for myself, and I want to set an example for my niece, nephew, family, friends, and many others.

Jeff describes himself as humble, selfless and caring. Jeff is very interested in volunteering and giving back to the community that has shown him such great support.

His advice to high school seniors, You can be and do all things through God. Always pursue your dreams and goals and never give up. If you think you are not college material, think again. BSCTC has the resources needed to help you succeed. BTW: Start college as early as you can.

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